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Last Friday, we were supposed to go to a funeral to support one of our beloved church members.  But sadly, we couldn’t because Perze got home right at the time that it started.

We instead met up with close friends, Mel and Raph to go over their wedding website consultation.  My sister couldn’t make it because of a recent cold, so it was just Perze and me.  Over pizza and chicken, we built their site from the ground up, trying to find ways to tweak and personalize their website, for FREE! Yes, WordPress was acting like a rebellious teenager, not letting us customize the css: fonts, parameters, dimensions, and insert a jpeg background, etc.  They permit it, with the condition that M&R pay a fee.  But, after 3 hours (and some extra time I put into it in the wee morning while Zi was asleep), it turned out better and prettier than most “do-it-yourself” paid wedding templates out there.  So they got to save some money.  Plus, I get to work on new graphic projects, a peaceful hobby of mine.

After several trial and errors, and some setbacks, due to WordPress’ dimension constraints, here’s the first graphic I made out of their photo, the site’s banner:

(Mel & Raph, thanks for trusting me with your website, knowing that a lot of people will be viewing it.  Just a warning, I tend to get anal with perfecting it, so next time we meet or if you see minor tweaking, just forgive me.  Just want to ease some of your html troubles.  The site looks great!  Your photos give it an extra pop, and once all the content is in, I know a lot of people will continue to visit it!)

There’s nothing like a consistent blog that will attract readers.

Sorry, readers, I can’t link their site yet.  Aren’t you curious?

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