A Barnes and Nobles Daydate w/ Emma

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Today, I had a date with my beloved Emma. I gave her the choice to either:

  • To see a movie, The Princess & the Frog
  • Go to Barnes and Nobles and read books
  • Go to Target and shop around

She chose…BARNES & NOBLES!  YaY!!  I was hoping she would so I can look at books and drink some coffee while getting some learn on.  she really loves barnes and nobles because she gets to pick out which books to read. she chooses two and I choose one. Today, she chose the 10 lady bugs and alvin and the chipmucks.

I chose the Children’s Atlas! lols…hahahahahaha…i know…but at least she can pin point where America, Philippines, Singapore, NJ, Texas, California, and Virginia are. Plus, she also knows where President Obama lives.

She also learned that there are sensors in our eyes and ears that receive information to bring to her brain, and that’s what makes her think. That, and Brittany is the lead singer in the Chipettes!

While walking around, I also got to teach her who Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley were, although she probably already forgot about Elvis.  She initially thought I said Audrey Pepper, so we played a little game which now helps her to remember who she is.  How do I not teach my daughter who my favorite actress is, and fashion icon?! 

I also have some new stuff to add to my wishlist:

Nonetheless, thanks Em for a great day!  Hope you liked the sugar cookie.

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