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Generation Facebook and Twitter is called to a higher purpose to respond to the beacons of help from nations facing disaster.  I admit, Facebook and Twitter easily allow information to seep from devastated countries to the living rooms of every individual.  You don’t have to watch channel 10 news anymore or wait for the morning paper. 

Even making donations have been easier for this generation.  You can now text words to local companies that will bill you on later payments.  You can add donations during checkout on Ebay to Red Cross through Paypal.  Like our church, we were able to make mass promotions through Facebook events and our official website to gain awareness to give during the Manila flooding, concluding in a very humbling response from the community. 

Now, Haiti.  After the earthquake, it’s really good to see the effort through these social mediums.  Respond to the call.  It’s not like the days of our parents when we wait for mail to reach us and we have to write out a check and lick a stamp and wait for it to reach the need. Respond to the call. It’s out there, and we can’t just make excuses that’s it’s too difficult.

Respond to the call, no matter how small.

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