zi at 7 months

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Looking back at Zi at 7 months:  some things to note about Zi when she was 7 months old, since she’s now 8mo.

At 7 months, Zi:

  • learned how to play the game “close-open” with her hand, when asked to do so.
  • mastered getting to standing position using props
  • mastered cruising without help
  • get herself to sitting position without any aid
  • learn how to crawl up the steps
  • wave hello/bye-bye and make correlating sounds while waving
  • practices independent standing for a couple of seconds
  • exercises the pincer grasp and can feed herself finger foods
  • began stranger anxiety and has people preferences
  • grew in her two front bottom teeth
  • increased babbling
  • object permanence

According the charts, she’s a little advanced, which I’m looking forward to, since that will mean she’ll hopefully learn how to walk about the same time Emma did, 9 months.  It’s just much easier when they learn how to walk.

Now at 8 months, she’s:

  • learned how to pass objects from one hand to another
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