Fabila-Ababa Christmas & Post Christmas 2009

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Christmas 2009
Haven’t been blogging as often during the holidays because it’s so hectic, esp. since we spent Christmas week at my parent’s house, children-filled, chaos ensued.  Just as expected, having now FIVE children (3 fabila-ngs, 2 fabila-ababas) under one roof, the decibel levels definitely reached a new high, and cleaning standards stretched to new parameters.  However, joy overshadowed forecasts of trouble and inconvenience. As the tradition in our family, we opened presents on the eve of Christmas, and most of the presents were given to the children.  Mom’s tree gets filled with more and more presents each year, and not just by us, but because of the extreme generosity of our friends and church family.  They really give so much to the kids, despite them growing in numbers.  We’re REALLY humbled by their act of love.

You know who you are.  God bless you!

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2009december30 155
(the kids watching “Up”)

As you can see, it was Zi’s and Sienna’s FIRST Christmas!!  How great that they had such fun playmates that week!  Unlike Em’s and Hong’s first Christmas, theirs is filled with so much noise and excitement! 

As the years pass, I’m just very grateful for my parents, who love their grandchildren with such fervor, and continue to make family a priority.  Little things like cooking and cleaning up, and taking care of the kids during these stressful and busy times are loving acts appreciated and not unseen.

Post Christmas Rest
After Christmas, our own family drove down (with Em’s vocal renditions of Glee’s “Crush”) and took a very restful mini-vacation at the Maryland waterfront, provided with the help of a very dear friend who accommodated us in a five star hotel, with a room facing the extravagant outdoor-like atrium, facing the water.  The hotel definitely was the most beautiful I’ve ever been to, attracting me to the private balcony that overlooked the huge outdoor-like atrium, filled with restaurants, shops, and cafes.  Also, lights hung from the celestial ceiling embedded in long see-through curtains, twinkling 24-7, esp. beautiful at night time, when you can open your doors, allowing it to give the effect of a starry night.  Honestly, I was romanced by it all, and I could tell, so was Emma.  She spent a lot of down time, gazing dreamily in the balcony.  It was a familiar beauty just opening the door to hear the murmur of the bustling people in the atrium.  Despite the girls being sick, I was so appreciative to get that time to rest in a way that attracted me to its beauty. 

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2009december30 231

Two thanks really- one, to Zi’s Ninong, who really really took care of us those few days.  And two- to my dearest and thoughtful husband, who arranged it all, esp. with all the hard work from the cantata.

We were also even able to visit their Ice Extravaganza, which I cannot really capture in description.  Let’s just say, that was the first time I’ve seen an ice slide, a life sized ice nativity, walked through displays in 9 degree temperature, and had to wear a parka over my winter coat.  It was worth it though, esp. seeing the awe and wonder in my beloved four year old.

2009december30 301

The last night there, my Kuya came up to meet us for dinner, so it was nice that he accompanied us for the night.  Emma was really excited to show him her room.

Visiting Old Friends
After our very much needed trip, we ended it by visiting very close friends, old friends who we appreciate in the ministry.  They’ve always been an integral source of encouragement for me when I was budding in my role in the church, so we wanted them to meet our newest addition to the family.  We met them at their mall, where we were treated to lunch, catch up conversation, and eventually, very unexpected acts of generosity.  The girls were given presents, tokens from their business, a jewelry store.  We were very very humbled by their gifts, and seeing them always is an encouragement to our family.  It’s so good to know that people you appreciate have not changed, but continue to live for Christ.

(If you’re reading this, miss you, thank you and love you.)

2009december31 083
2009december31 084

All She Wanted for Christmas
Lastly, a week after Christmas, wouldn’t you know, a little present for Zienne- her two front bottom bicuspids cut through her gums!  Yay, baby girl.  So we let her eat some fries during our trip.

Yep. Check the twelvesixteen.net gallery.  The album should be up shortly.


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