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Seven years ago, he beat me to saying ‘I love you.’

I handed him a long letter, and he handed me a short line.  Of course, we had individually decided before meeting, having brought the cards to the table, to show our hands.  I didn’t say it because he said it, and vice versa.

The unconventional detail was that this was our first date. Yes, our official date anniversary was also the first time we dropped the ‘L’ bomb.  Seems rushed, but from that date, we already both knew it was the other. Someone once asked me how I knew Perze was really the one, I had to honestly say it was because God confirmed it in my heart when I took a season to just pray for him as a friend, and then eventually as a life partner.  And He also confirmed His will by placing the same in Perze to pray for me.  Now I know that relationships don’t always go by this recipe, but this one was our love story.

I remember praying for him everyday, as I pray for my daughters now.  So eventually, as they grow older, I hope it serves as a testament that God speaks to you and reveals His will through prayer.

Happy twelvesixteen mahal.
happy twelvesixteen emmanuelle and zienne!

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