december already?

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I haven’t been blogging as much as I should.  I’m so preoccupied with some music responsibilities at church, esp. in preparation for the Christmas cantata. All the songs have been taught, the clothes bought and made, the books and trax ordered, the roster finalized, the tickets distributed, the promotions made public.  The last few ingredients are still left to be done, the bulk of it being the powerpoint presentation and program.

After cantata, there is one more main 2009 project I want to accomplish and then onto the promises of 2010, filled with more vision for our church.  I am very excited I have a new year.  I dipped my feet into 2009 as the director of music in our church, with even heavier responsibilities as a mother of two, one newborn and a preschooler. I admit that this role has deterred me in accomplishing more in the ministries, but I’m only very thankful that the church family is understanding with my limited limbs.

As far as family is concerned, my eldest, like I mentioned, is on her last year at home.  Next fall, she’ll be matriculated into a professional institution called kindergarten!  Yes, my monkey, my Monkitchi, my beloved and sassy Emmanuelle is going to leave me.  Bite me, I readily admit in advance that it will be a very emotional season when that times comes. Until then, I’m brushing her up on her numbers- counting and reading 1-100, her mastery of reading AND writing her letters- upper and lower case.  Amidst the busyness of having an infant, I’m also trying to teach Emma how to read.  So far, she can read and write three letter words, including of Mama, Tatay, Emma, Zi, Ababa, Lolo, Lola, Tito, Tita.  I’ve also taught her how to do basic addition on her fingers.  Before she goes to school, I want her to read a clock and tell time.  And hopefully next year, we’ll start on the piano; she only knows how to compose the C scale.

With Zi, well, read the previous blog.  Add that her teeth are now cutting through her gums and she’s climbing EVERYTHING so she can stand and cruise.  She also comes to every choir practice.

So far, we’ve decorated two Christmas trees, and soon it will be Christmas. I can’t wait to get our Saturdays back, when I’ll be able to go to sleep stress-free, and focusing on things for 2010.  December is going by so quickly. It’s a little bittersweet.

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