Before Zi turns 7 months

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Zi’s 6th month.

About that time again, a little before she turns another month, I want to archive her accomplishments, idiosyncratic behaviors, etc.


Since her 5th month was devoted to independently sitting, her 6th month went directly to crawling.  The first week of her 6th month, she learned to push her legs into crawling position, and now, she can crawl from one end of a room to the other pretty quickly.  She’s gone mobile, now preying on unsuspecting objects, and inevitably obtaining them after a successful crawl!  Yay!  This pretty much means we can’t have wires and small objects lounging around like tourists.  We’re so proud of her. 

Also, in her 6th month, she’s started to use objects to independently pull herself up to stand, so we can already foreshadow what month 7 is going to be like. 

Zienne is still nursing, as well as using the bottle.  She’s continuing her solids, yet no teeth! But it’s good for me since, I’m not looking forward to nursing a baby with teeth.  I remember Emma and it wasn’t a fun time.

Zi learned to play several games.  She’s mastered all the toys on her exersaucer, reaching even the tall items that are above her.  She’s also learned how to play her toy drum, hitting it to make noise.  She can also associate what a driving wheel is for when she sees the Wii wheel or the driving toy at the Ng’s house.  She steers.

Lastly, at month six, she’s learned to tense up and make a grunting sound when you say “STRONG!”  hahahaha… she has a fun time expressing a new “emotion.”

Let’s not forget, in her 6th month, she was also introduced to the world of bling, having been pierced for new earrings.  Yes, she cried, with the surrounding passerbys in empathy mode gawking.  But after it was done, I quickly held her close to also stop my heart from beating fast.  Thank goodness for her strong dad who held her while she was shrieking.

Songs to add to her playlist
Recently, if she’s fussy, we can calm her down to “Gloria,” a song from this year’s Christmas Cantata from Agnus Dei.

She’s enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, so onto Christmas. wow. Time is flying by so fast, and she’s achieving her milestones too quickly. It was only her second month when we were clapping over her rolling over.  Now onto bigger things soon to come…*sigh*

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