Zi at 6 months

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So, as Zi’s 5th month was devoted to independently sitting, her 6th month was an obvious project to kick start her crawling.  The week she turned six months, she started getting on all fours, lifting her tummy off the floor, and trying to rock back and forth.  She tries so hard to reach objects this way, but ends up inching little by little somehow until she obtains her desired destination.  Sometimes, she falls then gets back up again, and sometimes she can lift one arm and pivot/turn.  But her first two weeks of 6 months, she’s ditched sitting activity so she can try to crawl.  With huge smiles of achievement and fascination of her newest feat, she’ll look at us with pride.

Here’s footage, the 1st week she turned 6 months:

We started feeding her solids at five months, so we’re continuing with that. The doctor says to delay giving her too much food too soon because when they grow up, they end up more constipated.  I want to hold off from giving her juice, like we did with emma because it might be full of sugar and they don’t really need it yet.  Also, drinking juice deters them from eating the food because it fills them up faster.  So, for now, we’re still giving her breastmilk, formula milk, rice cereal, and this week, a new vegetable.

Footage at 5 months, her 1st solids meal:

One thing we’ve observed is her propensity to music.  When she hears a song she likes, she’ll sway back and forth with a smile on her face.  And sometimes she’ll try to make prolonged noises, which we perceive is her endeavor to sing.  She also knows how to bang the drum with her hands when placed in front of her.  That’s what I get for being pregnant with her while I teach choir for two cantatas and for dragging her to all the choir rehearsals this year.

One new thing to Perze and me is observing the relationship between her and Emma.  During bedtime, Zi will roll over to wherever Emma is and touch her face or hug her neck.  She’ll do this several times until I have to separate them.  Also, it’s a known fact that no one can make Zi laugh as hard and as often as Emma. I love how they can love each other so much in such a short time, at such a young age. Emma prays for her little sister every night, and at the age when Zi starts talking, I’m going to teach her to pray for her older sister too.

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