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I just made a killing on ebay the last two weeks.

I can usually spot which dresses/clothing will sell and once a store goes on sale. I’ll try to buy the clothes that I know were the popular dresses of the season.  Surely enough, I got to the dresses/clothes first and bought them out.

I managed to sell several $30 skirts (retailing for $258) for $120-$150 (I even got to keep one). Several dresses from $49 to $150. And dresses from $99 to $200. 

aduvetoceanLastly, I’ve been drooling over this duvet set for over a year now, that sells for $208 original price, and last week, after a scavenger sale, I found ONE lone clean packaged duvet in the sale rack, in the color I wanted, for over 60% off, so I couldn’t help it.  I went home and went online for it and saw that it was still selling for full price.

WITW? How did that happen? 

A very merry happy unbirthday to me?  I’ am a very satisfied mad hatter.

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