one little bird

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Every morning, Emma wakes up, asks me where her dad is, then says, “good morning, Mamam.”  She then hugs me, lingers in my arms, then proudly stands up, proclaiming how the night has grown her.  Every day, she’s convinced she has dramatically gotten taller. 

Then I audibly praise her achievement and say, “it’s so nice to have an Emma.  Thank you, Jesus, for my Emma.”  And she says, “it’s so nice to have a mamam; thank you, Jesus, for my Mamam.”

Then she goes to her room and turns on her tv to her favorite channel.  And every day, I overhear this Bob Marley song/video:

And it warms my heart when she sings along to it.  With it comes the message that everything is going to be alright.  I know at a tender age, she isn’t familiar with life’s merciless arrows, people who discourage and criticize, or having to face circumstantial difficulties, but I hope she grabs this mantra at an early age, that everything is going to be alright.

Despite everything, God is good, and His love (that covers all obstacles) endures forever.

I more than heart you, Emma; I love you.
Thank you for the joy you give me every morning.

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