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We just wanted to say congrats to the lovely couple, Jay & Chermaine, on their beautiful Hallo-wedding.


I’m a sap in weddings, esp. when I can see the bride and groom really live for each other rather than make a grand show on that day for the crowd.  I always look for the stares between them, the wide smiles that say, “wow, here we are” and “today’s great, but I can’t wait for tomorrow…and tomorrow.”  I don’t look for the cliche expectations and program, but I do look at little ways they show each other just how familiar they are of each other, how well they’re treasuring the moment in love, and not in limelight.

After the church photos, I went up to Cherms and unexpectedly, I was almost in tears, seeing this dear friend who I used to sing with in Broken Strings praise band during my college years.  I can still remember the first time I heard her pray publicly, and admiring how loveable she was to everyone who knew her.  I always thought she was one of the prettiest people I knew, not just because of her exterior contagious smile, but because of ability to accept and befriend people, with a flair for humor. 

Anyway, we caught any foolish tear that may have tried to escape and forgot about them during the reception.  They did a unique routine, having had the wedding party dance the “thriller” video with their face masks, fitting for Halloween.  It was refreshing seeing a different idea.

And since it was Halloween, Em got to go for a short trick or treating in between the wedding & reception, around Jean’s neighborhood.  We also got to spend the day with old college friends.  I love getting to see them every now and then.  And I’m glad Em, the party girl that she is, got to kill the dance floor.  She didn’t even need us with her as she danced; she was that excited to party.  By the end of the night, we needed to pull her out of the dance area…

An lastly, yay, Jamilano’s, thank you for the honor of being your guests.  And thank you for being Zienne’s first wedding!  God bless your marriage. Love each other with a new love every day, with the old love that binds each new morning together.

Pictures up on the gallery shortly!

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