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930096_079_b Everyone seemed to love this Maeve dress, having gotten high ratings, but I think it’s because it flatters every type of female.  Charming enough, I could see its simplicity, but to be honest, I don’t think I would have bought it if the contrasting colors were different (unless maybe it was an aquamarine and melon).

The material is this very thin cotton linen so there’s some movement in the skirt.  The top is also a bit thin and simple, with pintuck pleats and lace panel.  The belt is literally a ribbon, like one you’d find in a craft store, just cut to length.

If definitely is a dress meant for the masses, with some gathering in the back with elastic, for easy fitting. And then there’s a side zipper, for shape.

It’s cute…but that’s all. I’m surprised this was the dress of spring/summer, so popular that it completely sold out. 

Nevertheless, size down if you ever find it still on the racks. I was initially drawn to it because it’s something I could picture my mom wearing when she was younger.

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