Darn FREE 8×10 !!!

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OK. So this week, I went in to see the pictures taken professionally at J&J of Zi and Zem.  Now, the only reason I complied was because they gave out a free 8×10 portrait with my purchase.  Normally, I don’t believe in paying for professional photos done in a store.  I would GLADLY have one of my awesomely talented family members or friends take their pictures, or have myself do it and retouch it myself. 

The reason why I am usually against these store photos is because it’s cliche;  the poses, the overrated contrived shapes, props, background, lighting, etc.  I’m not saying that these professional stores can’t guarantee a nice shot, but I don’t want to pay a kidney for something that can be duplicated with my own makeshift white background and camera, and have them explain to me the wonders of their touch-up skills, as if it were magic.  I just didn’t want to tell them that I can make someone have 13 fingers in photoshop.

I’m more amazed with a select few of my family & friends who have, not just a talent for the camera, but an eye for the beautifully obscure, and creativity to create a unique tone using photoshop.  I’m also one for creating different shapes in the poses, without it looking too contrived and cheesy, but natural and quiet, not forced.  I also appreciate the quirky.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I went in for my choosing the free photo, ready to say no to all the other offers, when I sat down to favorite my top photo, out of around 100 shots.  I was beside myself, going through columns of  smiles of my two beloved girls.  So this is how they get you. 

I just could not make my heart choose which smile I loved more.

How do you dare ask any mother that?  Evil, evil schemers. Bravo!  *sigh* So, channeling some indifference, I chose my top six.  And out of six, I almost heartbrokenly chose four.  I fought myself to choose THE ONE, and I couldn’t.  I couldn’t let the other choices be mercilessly deleted from this indifferent photographer’s Mac.  So, I folded and called Perze, who melts when it comes to his daughters.  It was definitely a Waterloo moment.  I tried to bluff with my cards, but eventually folded and lost more chips than I had intended.

Darn you Free 8×10!! Darn you to heck.

But this is definitely the last time. Next time, I’ll do it myself.

(PS. I’ll post the pictures when I get them.)

This is Emma, right after the photo session:

2009oct06 003

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