zi reaching milestones on the 5th

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2009oct13 055Solids

Last Sunday, Zi had her first taste of solids.  Her Lolo Bio lovingly made her some lugaw (porridge), very very bland watered down rice.  Recently, she’s been so curious about foods, staring intently at what people are eating and reproducing similar mandibular movements.  Yay, another milestone. 

The picture on the left is Zienne, after she was fed the lugaw, with some leftover pieces of rice still in her mouth.  It was taken right before church that morning.  What a great way to start a Sunday!

It’s funny because on Sundays, I’m so busy with choir, playing piano, or praise & worship…so I tend to leave Zi with her Lola or Perze, the youth who adore her, or the older moms who miss carrying an infant.  They end up sometimes playing with food and giving her a little taste of fruit…I think she’s ready.

2009oct13 004


She’s getting so much better with sitting independently.  I make sure play time is mostly sitting up, although sometimes it’s on her tummy, so she can learn how to crawl.  Even now, she tucks her legs in to get into crawling position but it’s still way too early for her muscles to support the rest of her body, but she tries…

2009oct13 064The Big Apple

It’s great seeing how Zi goes through some of her learning.  It’s a little different with Emma, because Zem didn’t have an older sibling egging her on or trying to socialize with her, playing with her.  And play is such an integral part of learning in Zi’s age.  The above picture affirms Em’s support and influence on Zienne.  Even through the simple act of modeling, Zi is encouraged to play.  She really loves her older sister.

And lastly, 🙂 her first trip out of NJ…to where? NYC.  She was so behaved; it was a pleasure taking the whole family on a fall trip, to Central Park, to Perze’s building, and then to a yummy dinner.

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