Ababas in NYC in the fall

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Five months and NYC?  I didn’t think it was possible, but yesterday we took Zi to New York City.  So it was our whole family who took the train and spent the day walking the windy sidewalks.  Zi was really prepared for the fall weather, looking like an Ewok, snuggly close to her dad who carried her on the Bjorn.  She took her first train ride, taxi ride, and trip to Central Park (which was also the first time for all of us).

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Surprisingly, the trip was pleasantly enjoyable, without Zienne making uncontrollable complaints.  Even during the train ride, we were able to calm her during her bored or sleepy moments.

So, points to a fall October day with the family in NYC.  Emma liked the trip to Perze’s work as well, so much that she told me that she wants to work in NY when she grows up.  It was also Zi’s first time visiting NYTimes, so I took lots of pictures.

2009oct13 086 2009oct13 104 2009oct13 123

At Central Park, we made sure to visit the Alice In Wonderland statue, which was surrounded with screaming, climbing kids.  But it was a treat for me since it’s one of my favorite children’s books.  There’s just something about dreams, fantastical characters, unconventional social etiquette, and the subject of curiosity that interest me.

2009oct13 135 2009oct13 130

To see our whole trip, you can view our album in our Photo Gallery under 2009.

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