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Whoever said the “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” probably read someone’s journal and copied it.  Having a propensity to literature, writing, designing, and generally- creating, my nature tends to look down upon shadowing.  I guess it’s because originality is from one’s own work, and when ideas are simply taken, or “borrowed,” intentionally or sometimes subconsciously, you wonder about the lack thereof. I even raise an eyebrow to the simple act of not citing your sources, a quote, a passage, and especially, an original thought.  I think English majors are very sensitive to that… and even in the fashion industry where there are many law suits against main chain stores (I won’t mention them) who have imitated high end designers, and sell their designs for cheaper prices.  (Yes, I read articles on fashion…I know.)

Yesterday, we had a photo op with one of my favorite children’s boutique.  I noticed that the photographer’s ideas were all very rehearsed, and the poses weren’t as original.  I told Perze I would have rather directed some of the poses, having photographed Emma and my family pictures many many times.  I have an idea of what works and the angles to better capture tiny details.  It also made me wish I had my own studio.  I’m not saying I’m the best at photography, however, I know many times, these fast paced shoots tend to minimize on the creativity. 

I guess people don’t directly imitate, but I think most people wouldn’t want to admit the influence here and there, little by little of what they see and then tend to incorporate it to themselves.  My biggest pet peeve though is the self deception and denial.

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