emmanuelle in fall

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I wish I had a better camera but here’s what Em looked like at that day we got their pictures.  She received a lot of smiles that day.  Note: the purse, nor the scarf were not my idea, although they added a great touch, didn’t they?  My daughter is like me, likes to accessorize.  They were gifts given to her from her Lola Ruth; the scarf was personally hand knitted by Lola, with love.  She really prefers to wear that specific scarf.  Below, she’s posing right outside my favorite store; they have one of my favorite backgrounds.

2009oct06 003

2009oct06 007-1
I bought the same dress and boots for baby Sienna.  My sister is due any day now, so we’re all excited for her birth.  Christmas at lola and lolo’s house is going to be happily and joyfully chaotic. 

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