Operation Manila: FLOOD Drive

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The SJBCI FLOOD Drive was very successful.  As the first day of a whole month’s effort for relief for typhoon victims in Manila, we collected over 25 trash bags of clothing, 2 huge ‘balikbayan boxes’ of food and medicine, and over $400 in cash. 

Not only did a simple idea reach numbers of organizations, it caught the attention to fill a greater influx of donations within the SJBCI Witness Ministry, who have taken over administration responsibilities, and thus naming October’s project, “Operation Manila.” 

Philippines Storm
Operation Manila is now responsible for communicating with other organizations/ individuals on how to efficiently transport donations immediately for distribution to the affected areas. 

Oct.3, members of the Witness Mins., WMU, and Young Believers gathered to help collect, sort, and store all the donated items.  The heart-willed work was efficient and joyful, not even chore-like.  Indeed, it was a really blessed time, despite the long day.  I’m really thankful, not only for those that donated material goods, but also those who responded to physically toil for this relief effort.  What we go through to help is nothing compared to the victims who suffered great loss.  The partnership with those who generously donated was a humbling experience and encouragement.

Truly, “greater things have yet to come and greater things have yet to be done” in Manila.  God’s work continues to shake the hearts of the people, to change their hearts to His, and help.  Despite the calamity, God is still with His people.  We are His hands, and we hope people will continue to be moved to help. 

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