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2009sept28 171 Zi is turning five months soon, so I’ll update you on her 4th month. 

She says so many sounds.  Her favorite in ng-geh.  She has a lot of kitty-like sounds, hence the given name to her, “hello kitty.”  She sometimes says, ma-mam, although I know it’s not until much later on when they’ll be able to fully understand what it means.  But she does voice out when she doesn’t like something or when she’s frustrated at a toy.  She’s very garrulous, and loves to chat.

When left sitting without any help or pillows, she can stay sitting for a very small period of time, but she’ll eventually fall over.  But I can tell she’s getting stronger, and hopefully by next month, she’ll be able to fully sit up on her own. We’ll see.

Nope, not eating yet.  But she is SO interested with food.  She stares at us when she sees us chewing on something.  She intently is curious when we eat, and even tries to copy the act of chewing when she sees us eat.

She reaches for objects now, bats at things in front of her, and grabs on to things with the propensity to bring it close to her mouth.  Esp. in her exersaucer, she’ll grab everything around her.  I make sure she spends a good amount of time on it for muscle strengthening, mind and motor stimulation.

You can put her in front of the tv and she’ll always gaze towards the screen and just watch for a little while.  She also absolutely intrigued with the videos of herself and emma on my iPhone.  She’ll smile when she sees herself in the videos, playing with her Ate.  Sometimes, I’ll catch the two of them lying down, watching a cartoon or video.

Yep! Still nursing Zienne, and I’m REALLY happy that I can still feed her.  Thank You, Lord!

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