J&J Scalloped Sweater Dress

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So this is my favorite dress from this year from J&J boutique for kids.  It’s a scalloped sweater dress from the Soda Fountain summer line 2009.  I waited for it to go on SALE, and then bought one for each of my daughters.  I hardly buy them dresses since they get loads of presents from our friends, so much that sometimes they can’t wear all of them, so when I do see a dress I really love, I buy it.  This year alone, I think this is the only dress I’ve bought for them.  I love sweater dresses.

Sweet and lovely, our cherry soda pink sweater dress in soft pima cotton features colorful style for the season. Contrast scalloped detailing gracefully adorns the neck, yoke, placket and tiered skirt for a delicate feel. Finished with coordinating sash. Buttons in front assist with dressing.

source: J&J
retail: $48

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