Baby GAP goes naughti-cal

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Fullscreen capture 8242009 100648 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8242009 100735 PM.bmp I’m a very big fan of nautical fashion, so when Baby GAP had their season sale from spring 2009, I bought a couple pieces from that line.  Maybe I can find something along the lines of this style for myself to compliment the girls.

The great thing about these pieces are they are super soft, and the material transcends the summer season into fall because of its heavier texture.  They definitely are layering items, which makes them versatile in any weather.  I also made sure I sized up for Emma, seeing as that she’ll start school next year, and I don’t want to have to spend extra money for clothes next year.  She’ll truly be a dapper Dannie.

Fullscreen capture 8242009 100854 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8242009 100906 PM.bmp

source: Baby GAP

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