un-blocked tear duct

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2009sept13 007 So it took four months until Zi’s blocked tear duct opened, subsequently clearing her skin on her left cheek.  After months of massage and wiping, it’s normalized and cleared up.  Thank You Lord.

Next up to bat- excessive salivating.  You know what that means. Ate Emma grew her first two teeth at 3.5 months.  Aside from that, Zi’s reached the obvious milestones earlier than her sister. But one similarity? They both hated car rides and being on held like a baby- on their back.  And one distinctive characteristic of Zi? Her garrulous nature and sociability.

Still on right:
Em’s joining Zi on the floor for tummy time. She loves to play with her little sister.  It shoes, because Zi responds with smiles and laughter.

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