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“Anne Pinkerton cuts a mod figure from drapey jersey, featuring a blouson racerback bodice and tapered, ruched lengths.”

Pros: comfortable, versatile, slimming, hides trouble areas, moves when you move, unique
Cons: a little too loose even with an xs.

OMG. I LOVE rompers; I can wear these everywhere. They are so comfortable, even my husband commented on the material, and he’s not a fashion kind of man.

Let me just say, the picture doesn’t give this piece any justice! Someone get this romper a model!

I’m 5’2 and small, so I had to size down to an XS, which fit great, and still with a lot of room left over for the material to flow and move. The top is, however a bit too long so it drapes a little longer than it should, but still looks fine when worn. The legs are a little longer too, but when it’s hiked up to the calves, they stay on there. When pulled down, they reach my ankles, but I don’t like how it looks when worn all the way down. My last disappointment is that the elastic waist is a little big so it tends to drop all the way down instead of staying at my waist, looking all fine.

But despite running a bit big, it still looks GREAT, and yes, slimming, unique, and because it hides all the unforgiving areas, you’ll walk confidently in this. This also looks great with flats or wedges And honestly, it’s one of those pieces you won’t get tired wearing because it doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t bunch up, hangs loosely on your body, so you can wear it to the grocery store, at home, with your girlfriends, or even on a nice date (accessorized of course). Love it. Love. Buy it while it’s still in stock.

price: $78
bought: on sale

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