zi on three months recap

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Fullscreen capture 942009 105744 PM.bmp She’s turning four months soon.  You know what that means…let’s recap what happened when our little Zienne was three months.

We started her on her exersaucer.  She learned how to maneuver objects so she can pick them up.  She learned how to bring things closer and push them away.  She learned how to press buttons/tap objects to make noise.  She learned how to salivate even more by blowing raspberries.  She sticks her hands in her mouth a lot and puts little toys in her mouth to chew on them.  She salivates a lot (hence the beginning of us having to make her wear more bibs).  She mastered rolling over from her back to her tummy (at 2 months, she mastered rolling from her tummy to her back).  What else??

oh! and YAY!!!!  We heard her first laugh!!!  Check out her videos!

Ok, hellokitty, we’re ready for your four months, baby!! Tatay, Mamam, and Monkichi are all on tippytoes for your new tricks.

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