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2009aug29 028 They woke up early to buy me four bouquets of flowers- roses from Pepit, 2 bouquets of gerbera daisies from Emma, and 1 bouquet from Zienne.  I’m thinking Emma chose the colors, and Perze knows my fancy for gerberas. The night before, they surprised me with books by my favorite apologist. 😀

They also picked up a huge ice cream cake, which they decorated.  Ultimately, the cake was covered in unreadable sentiment, which I appreciated nonetheless, and which we devoured at the end of the night.

2009aug29 025

That afternoon, after much needed rest, we headed to SHM where Perze was determined to buy my presents.  He took me to my favorite store, where I walked around like a little girl, trying on my imagination.  I know I have the store near me, but let me tell you the kick I get by just visiting another location, with its different stock and interior design versions.  It’s really a strange feeling, but I’ll admit it…I get a really excited warm feeling, like a chilly day at a cafe listening to standard jazz and sipping on some really good coffee, reading a good book and every once in a while scattering words on a willing journal.  YA! – like that!

2009aug29 048Afterwards, we went to another store where we discussed present “options”…hahah.  Having discussed whether to go bold or demure, Perze settled the issue and chose his final present :).  I’m glad he did it for me, because I really didn’t know which one to have chosen.  But looking back, I’m glad he chose the choker.  It really does stand out, but not in a gaudy way.

2009aug29 045a After perusing a lot of the stores, we took a family picture and then headed back to central to meet the Ngs for a birthday dinner at Red Lobster.  Nothing beats a tiring day than to unwind in a heavy and satisfying seafood dinner.

We finished the night by eating the cake, opening my presents and spend the last minutes being with our two wide awake daughters. 

2009aug29 098You know, some people don’t like getting older and really love looking back to when they were in their twenties, but ask me and I’ll always respond with a raised eyebrow, explaining how better it is to be older. Twenties are fun, but nearing your thirties, you know who you are, what it is that you want, and where you want to be. 2009aug29 114 There’s a lot more heart in every passing year.  And love beats fleeting fun any day for me.

That Friday, the crew met up for Bible Study, but we ended up just fellowshipping and eating tons of home cooked food and some ice cream cake that Michelle bought from Thomas Sweets.  It was a great night of laughter and just silly 30 year olds (and sarah)… thanks guys!

So, readers, if you’re interested in seeing some stills, they’re all up on our photo gallery.  Turning thirty was great, felt all the love…definitely heart shaped 😉


 2009aug29 036 2009aug29 042-1 2009aug29 044-1

2009aug29 065 2009aug29 110

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