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Fullscreen capture 8182009 31326 PM.bmp “A ruffled rose unfurls below the elegant v-straps on this flowing frock from Burlapp. Complete with elastic at the back for a perfect fit.”

Ever since this dress came out, I’ve been salivating over it.  Having not been in any of the stores nearby, I was about to order it online, but it’s a good thing I waited.  My birthday came right on time, because my loving husband took the whole family on a day out just to buy my presents.  And wouldn’t you know it, they had my dress there!  The ladies in the store were so helpful, that they went three floors down just to find the dress in their stock.  I tried the size 4, but had to size up because the bust wouldn’t fit me.  I’ve gotten a tag bigger since Zienne was born, but even if I go down again, this size will just fit me more easily and relaxed. 

I LOVE the dress.  You know those dresses that you try on and once it’s on, you know you’re in love?  Well, this was it.  This is going to be my little black dress.  The rosette in the front screams me…being a huge giganta-fan of flower appliques.  Have you noticed it already in most of my fashion blogs?

The halter is a satin material and the skirt is a durable thicker material, so there are various textures involved.  It zips at the side and has these adorable side pockets (always a plus in my book!).  The shape of the dress hides practically every flaw, and women who are more “well endowed” don’t have to worry about being too revealing.  The flower stays flat when worn and doesn’t make you look bigger at all.  The skirt is heavier material than the satin, so it does retain the integrity of the A-line shape, making it a little flirty and girly.

This dress definitely screams classy. LOVE it.  What’s funny is that 2 months ago, I bought a headband with a rosette EXACTLY like the one on the front of the dress, in black as well.

Some pictures of the dress when worn:

2009aug29 154-1 2009aug29 214 2009aug29 166

An enormous Big Ups to my loving husband for a beautiful birthday present, a little black dress!

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