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I am SO blessed. I am so BLESSED.

“Since I started for the Kingdom,
Since my life He controls,
Since I gave my heart to Jesus,
The longer I serve Him,
The sweeter He grows.

    The longer serve Him, the sweeter He grows,
    The more that I love Him, more love He bestows;
    Each day is like heaven, my heart overflows,
    The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows.

Ev’ry need He is supplying,
Plenteous grace He bestows;
Ev’ry day my way gets brighter,
The longer I serve Him,
The sweeter He grows.”

image I post this every year on my birthday.  It is my heart’s song on this day of every year because it is so true to me.  I cannot create new words that easily depict how I feel, so this hymn will always do.

Thank  you to all my friends who have greeted me, my church who supports ministries I passion after, my families who yields such power through prayer, my innocent Zienne- who is learning in leaps and bounds to love me, my Emmanuelle- who has shown me truly what an unconditional loving heart can change a giant, and my devoted husband Perze- who shows me each and every day, what love through sacrifice means.

Lastly, and firstly, thank You to my beautiful and mighty God, who never gives up on me, each year.  You’ve grown me from the start, even before anyone knew my odd name, you called me and held me so gently in your arms, knowing  the road ahead in life.  Thank you Lord, for your magnificent love.  Help me to honor you through all things.

Psalm 139 

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