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5734_144306705849_524150849_3390550_7330722_nMy Little Helper
Zem’s a big help to me these days. She gets me bibs, diapers, wipes for Zienne.  She helps throw out dirty diapers, put things in the laundry hamper, cleans her toys, puts her papers/crafts away.  She puts Zi’s milk in the fridge, etc.  She’s truly my ‘big girl’ helper.

In Her Skin
She calls it the tickles, her itchiness, caused by her eczema.  She scratches so hard and long sometimes that she actually breaks her skin, which eventually bleeds.  We’re always applying lotion on her skin, moisturizer and insulating lotions.  I even have a routine with her when we pick her old scabs, as so alleviate more itchiness the scabs may cause.  We recently took her to an allergist who strongly recommended a dermatologist in NY, so after we get her blood test, we’re heading for The Big Apple.

In Jesus Name
Perze and I are always so impressed with her prayers.  She has such elaborate prayers that remembers everyone in her family, down to her Tita Steph’s baby in her tummy.  Prayers include things as “recycling, thanking God for cleaning the world, making mamam happy, making invitations for her party, letting Zienne want to play with her, and giving Tatay money so we can buy a big house with stairs.” :)  But sometimes, I’m just so blown away with the things that come into her heart to pray for, things I didn’t have to teach her.

She’s learning how to read slowly, still getting used to sounding out letters phonetically.  Having mastered writing her letters, she can write out some words when I sound them out, like ‘lolo, lola, tatay, mama, emma, zi, hi, no, yes.’

It’s crazy.  Ever since almost three years old, Emma’s learned how to use the iPhone.  Now that I bought a new white one, nothing’s changed.  Actually, she’s learned how to use it even more, ‘screen capture, video, sound recorder, YouTube, games.’  There are things I’ve even learned from watching her.  I even caught her saying, “Mamam, your battery needs to be charged.”  And yes, folks, she took it and charged it for me on my laptop.

Favorites these days:
Movie:  Curious George, Enchanted, Tinkerbell
Cartoon: Anything on Noggin
Food: Hot Dog, Bacon, Rice, Kraft Cheese
Store:  Barnes & Nobles (definitely my child), TARGET (definitely my child…hahah)
YouTube Video:  Sailor Moon
Hobby:  Drawing, Painting, Blocks/Animals, dancing
Song:  Single Ladies (Beyonce), You’ve Got Me Suicidal

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