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So Zi, having just turned 3 months, tried on the Bumbo, an infant training seat.  Although we never had to use one for Emma, having learned to independently sit at five months, I researched the seats and read the reviews from pediatricians.  There were no 100% guarantees of the success of the seat so I tried it myself.  I purchased the Bumbo because it received better reviews than other seats, but when I tried to see how Zi liked it, she received it with complaints.  Even though it securely accomplished framing her tiny body, she just wasn’t having it! hahah

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Granted, I’m starting to accept that maybe it’s just the nature of my children that they don’t prefer anything better than being on their feet.  I’m sure these pods are widely loved by other infants.  I think mine like the excitement, perspective, and feeling by standing  up.  With this said, I returned the Bumbo and went to our trusted Exersaucer that we bought four years ago for Emma.

True enough, Zi preferred the Exersaucer much better, playing in it much longer and being entertained with its sounds and toys.  I believe the stimulation caught her attention much better.  We put Emma in the exersaucer four months, but seeing how Zi responds and reacts to it, with her enthusiasm to use her legs, she’s definitely ready for it. 

Subsequently, it’s not just strengthening her upper body for sitting, but eventually her lower body for crawling and walking.  It would be nice, and relief for me, for her to start walking when her Ate starting walking, or maybe even earlier.  She seems to be hitting her milestones a little earlier than Em. 

I can’t believe she’s just three months.  *sigh* I miss her infancy already.

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