zi at 3 months

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image My baby girl is 3 months. 

Time feels as if I’ve known her longer but it’s only been about 90 days.  She’s such a joy to our family, having such a distinct personality of her own.  I think she will be the calmer sister, but still chatty, and sly in her sassiness.  She will probably be the one that will outsmart her dad’s mind, as Emma will be the one to break his heart.

Note to self, revisit this post in about 20 years.

So far, she’s learned to turn over, sleeps throughout the night (with intermittent feeding), baby chats if you talk to her eye to eye, likes to be on her feet rather than her back or her bum, and smiles every morning to greet you.  She likes to hold her hands together, stare at her sister, and is even starting to have an interest with the tele.

Size-wise, she can comfortably fit her 0-3’s now, which took a little over a month since birth.  She’s much bigger than when Emma was her age, and Zi’s a better eater, although she’s not as ravage as her first month, which explains her “deplumping.”

Crying at night is a minimum, although when she gets sleepy around her bedtime…don’t get me wrong, she has her moments when we’re like, ‘what the world does she need.’  But at least it doesn’t go on for hours…just insanity for a moment ;).

We love you Zi, look how beautiful you are.

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