Videos: Rolling over & Chatting

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Some videos of our beloved Zienne:

1.  Milestone: Rolling Over: 
A couple of days ago, she started rolling over, first to her left, then to her right.  Right then, I realized that she’s going mobile, so I video-ed her milestone.  At two months, beating her sister’s record, Zi is a roller.

2.  Chatty Zi:
Earlier this month, Zi also started baby chatting, when she can carry a conversation with people who get her attention (eye contact).  She smiles and coos, letting you have her attention for quite some time.  It’s always a joy during those moments when we can carry a conversation several times in a day.

ps. you can hear Ate in the background (or major foreground) taking part of the conversation. =)  she absolutely LOVES her little sister.

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