mini night conversations with emma

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I usually put Emma to bed each night so Perze can handle Zi.  Usually, after our prayers, we have some Mom & daughter talks about the day or I ask questions about her thoughts on certain things.  Or sometimes I sneak in a “did you know” lesson.

Last night, we had two funny conversations:

“Just Palo Me”
We take turns praying, first her, then me.  After the prayer she said, “mamam, Jesus said ‘just palo me.  So God palo Jesus.’” (Palo in tagalog means spank).  Confused I repeated what she said, and she confirmed it, “jesus said ‘just palo me’ so God palo-ed Jesus.”  I laughed and had to correct her- it’s “follow” not “palo.”  Jesus said, “Just follow me.”  We had an innocent snicker.

“You call everyone to recycle”
During her prayer, she asked if everyone can take care of the world.  She’s very green conscious these days, noticing trash on the ground.  She said, “Mamam, tomorrow, can we recycle?”  I told  her that we recycle paper.  She then added, “we also have to recycle plastic.  And cans. And bottles.  Tomorrow I’ll call my guests and tell them.  You call everyone to recycle, ok?  Everyone has to recycle to take care of our planet.  Can we do that tomorrow?  Can you call everybody?”

I wish I could have caught it on video, but these are the conversations that we normally have at night.  We also had a third conversation about why we ask Jesus to heal our land, but I’ll save that for another blog.

True enough, this morning during breakfast, she said, “mamam, is it morning now so we can recycle?”

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