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Seems like every time I have a baby, shortly thereafter, I end up chopping my hair extremely short.  Could be due to a lot of things, one being change, and the other convenience.  I’ve always been a fan of uber short hair to begin with.  The first time was in college, when I wanted a drastic change.  The second was when I had Zem.  And now, the third’s with Zi.

photoI LOVE the cut this time; I admit, this is the best so far.  But I also add that this was the most expensive I’ve spent on a haircut.  Usually, I cut my own hair, but since this is a short hairstyle, I didn’t want to ruin it, esp. since next week is Zi’s dedication.

My only regret to chopping off my hair is the sadness I saw on Em’s face when she first saw me.  She was heartbroken that our hair didn’t match at all- the long hair.  She loves long hair because she thinks it’s a female characteristic.  But mostly, she’s sad because I have short hair and she has long hair.  She loves to match me. I love that girl.

I got my hair done at KOI.  It was a nice atmosphere, even outside of the compound. 

So there’s a pic of the hair-did.  A huge pardon for the seeming myspace pose.  I’m not very photogenic.

[ps] kudos to perze for being the rad dad that he is, encouraging me to splurge a little while he takes care of chibi chibi & monkichi.

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