Happy Birthday Ate Emma

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Hi Ate, it’s your birthday today. This is a significant year since this year was the first time where you actually wanted something. A pink tooter scooter.

You have really grown into the girl that we’ve really become so proud of. I remember when you were born, you’ve shown us how much of a critic you already were by not even crying but just crinkled your forehead. It took you 2 whole nights before you even started crying then you didn’t stop for the next 3 years. Hah. You used to be super clingy and only to your mama and lolo. I must admit that I get jealous from time to time because my own Emma won’t even go to me. But those were the days. Ever since you turned 3 you’ve completely changed.

Now that you’re 4 we even have logical banters as to why things are and aren’t. I used to be able to weasel out of any reasoning by saying because I said so but that is no longer the case.

I do appreciate and love how protective you are of your little sister. In the 7 weeks that she is with us you are the only one who can consistently make her smile. I hope your bond with Zienne continues as the two of you grow up.

We love you anak. I hope you remember this day when you read this post in the nearby future.

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