Happy 4th Bday My Emmanuelle Grace

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When Emma first introduced herself to us in the hospital, July 1, 2005, Perze and I were floored because we had no clue as to who she was.  She was a completely new entity, yet inherently connected to us, loved unexplainably because we were chosen to take care of her life.

As the days progressed into months, into years, and as her personality emerged, Perze and I found ourselves discussing how much of a blessing it was raising her.  Her deep love for the learning, arts, nature, technology, playing, and family amazed us.  Her growing understanding of life, her growing capacity to love, and her growing need for answers to her curious nature led us to understand her more and who she was, who she’s becoming. 

We categorized her personality (and even physical traits) into Perze and Marchesa-like shelves, Fabila or Ababa, and realizing that the left over uncategorized traits were hers alone.  Those uncategorized aspects are what I’m looking forward to the most, to see them nurtured and mature because they are neither mine nor Perze’s.

Today’s her 4th birthday and as a young parent, I am amazed to learn just how much a four year old knows, their capacity to give love, and how WONDERFUL and WONDERFUN a child can be.  I pray for her every night, and with each prayer, I am so thankful for being chosen to raise her and be her mom.  She’s such a blessing to me; with each of life’s simple moments, I find my heart tickled, challenged, and warmed.  Like the other day, as she was showering, I overheard her singing “Praise God to Whom All Blessings Flow.” hahahaha.  It warmed my heart, surprising me she even knew the song. And once, I found her conducting her stuffed animals who were coerced to join her church choir. I love her for that.

Happy birthday, beloved Zem.  You are such a treasure.  You’re my best friend.  Thank you for who you are, for your immense love and sass.  You teach me every day that I need to be a better person and I love being your Mamam.  Jesus loves you, mahal…it shows in every day in you.  We hope you like you like your gift.  Your Tatay and I have been talking about it ever since you asked us for it.

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