6th week & 1st restaurant

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The last few days, she’s been pretty fussy.  We’re thinking it’s due to the 6th week growth spurt (or we’re just trying to blame it on something).  It’s harder to get her to sleep, and her longest rest is usually in the mornings.  I’m trying to force her to sleep more at night and play in the morning, but I think she’s still too young to comprehend the schedule.

4841_111470230849_524150849_2814375_6101908_nLuckily, we have the papasan to lull her to sleep.  Sometimes it has more patience to rock her to sleep while giving us the chance to rest as well.

We had our first restaurant outing since she’s been born.  Coincidentally, we ate at Red Lobster, the same restaurant where Emma first visited. (See side photo)  Zi slept for an eighth of the dinner, then Perze and I were forced to take turns carrying her and eating our dinner. I never ate a lobster pizza so fast.  And while my appetite stayed in, I unwillingly had my portion to go.

As usual, like most newborns, Zi was cooed over by passing strangers, and Em had to answer all the big sister questions, while I stuffed myself with cheddar bay biscuits. Classy, right?

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