carrillo shift aqua dress

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Carrillo Shift

”Textured aqua cotton, dotted with brass globes and trimmed with scalloped picot.”

Side zip, Front pockets, Cotton

I had a crush on first sight on this Maeve shift dress.  By the way, I’m very keen on mod fashion, and this made me want to volumize my hair and buy t-strap round pumps.  The dress fabric is textured, almost waffle-ly, and has an almost military slash nautical whim to it with the brass “buttons”.  I waited for it to go on sale, and on sale it went, but I decided to buy it for my mom since I know the type of clothes she likes.  We share a love for shift mod dresses.  So if you see a cute 50ish year old Filipina woman dolled up in an aquamarine dress, that’s my mom.

Original Price: $138
Bought: ‘on sale’ (can’t say, she’ll know the price)
Status: Gift

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