65th bday, hats, & moustaches…

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We had my dad’s 65th birthday party last Saturday.

To honor my dad, known for his numerous hats and signature moustache, the theme was “Big Hats and Moustaches.”  People were requested to bring either or both.  We want to thank those who were game enough to take the physical challenge, so here’s a blog homage to those brave souls.

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FMF_0934-1 n603846409_2767467_6625348 FMF_0968

FMF_0920 FMF_0921 FMF_0922

FMF_0923 FMF_0919 FMF_0952-1

FMF_0929-1 FMF_0936-1 FMF_1001

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To view all the pictures, go to our twelvesixteen.net photo gallery.

Thanks for everyone who came.  We’re blessed to have friends that support our dad, and blessed to have a dad who is an integral source of love for his family.

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