one month young

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Our beloved daughter Zienne is officially a month young :).


Her month-bday was spent going to the pediatrician to get her checked out.  After being measured and weighed, here are her results:

Weight:  From 5lbs. 11oz. – 7lbs. 12oz.
Height:  From 18.75 in. – 20.5 in.

The ped said she was doing really well, and as you can infer, she’s a great eater, sleeps well, and is pretty well behaved (considering her Ate Emma was “challenging”).   She’s a breastfed baby, with an occasional bottle at night.

At birth, we agreed she looked almost exactly like her Ate Em, but now, she’s really rounded out and now has features of her own, but resembling more like Perze (except the nose). 

She can control and hold her neck more; we don’t have to completely always support her head.  She also is starting to abhor being carried on her back (like Ate), so when carried, she prefers being upright.  She’s also pretty alert for long periods of time, and her sight can follow people and objects when they move in front of her.

Another difference this time around is the absence of a pacifier.  So far, we haven’t had to use it, so we hope this continues. 

Happy month-bday, Zi !!  Your tatay, mama, and Ate are seriously in love with you.  You are always a new wonder each day, with each tickle, each smile, each laugh.  You’re all blessings, babygirl.

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