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After seeing Streep’s nomination for best actress for this movie, I definitely wanted to see it. She’s truly one of those actresses who gets more incredible at her craft with age, because I never gave her much credit before. But recently, she’s been on my radar for movies to watch.

With that said, Doubt was an intimate movie, specifically crafted for a stage play, but translated well into a tension filled film. I liked it for its subtlety, for its need for you to really listen and close your own built theories. The movie still leaves some room for doubt.

So to the point: Nun accuses priest of abusing a student during the 60’s.  Confronts a lot of issues such as morality, authority, gender, sexuality, etc… 

The acting in the movie is superb, even the ever so innocent Amy Adams (although, not really superb, just good…). Philip Seymour Hoffman was convincing also for his ambivalent nature of nurturing and creepy. But the oscar definitely should have been written out to Meryl Streep. Believe me, I saw Rachel Getting Married, and Anne Hathaway didn’t deliver that worthy of an Oscar.

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