their 0-3 months clothes

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I don’t know about other moms, but I love reusing the same clothes from my first daughter for my second.  Every time I go through Emma’s (1st) clothes, I find myself getting so nostalgic, recalling the moments she’s worn them.  Being a fan of fashion, I can usually remember the occasions when she’s worn specific clothes, esp. if that particular piece of clothing was a favorite of mine.

Today, I’ve gone through numerous old clothes again for Zienne (2nd), and it made me a little sad that after the couple weeks of wearing them, I’d have to put them away again, thus ultimately and metaphorically saying goodbye to that specific phase of her infancy.  Oh, who would have thought, tags saying 0-3 can make one such a sap.  I’m such a sucker for that, and can’t seem to get over the sentimental emotions.  *sigh*

What can I say?  I am one of those moms who are so in love with her children…and will probably one day transform into a horrible mess once the empty nest syndrome arrives, clinging to old pictures, cataloguing old videos, and stitching initials onto their children’s clothes made by their former swaddle blankets…hahah

I laugh now, but all this will be true. Pinky promise.

I’m a packrat for memories.  I always have been.

mamam milestone: so, today was the first day I was alone w/ both my daughters without Perze.  He went back to work today, and I’ve been dreading it since Zi was born.  But, by grace, and prayers, everything turned out pretty smoothly, without much fatigue.  I think it helped that Zi is starting to sleep longer during the night.

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