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Warning: May contain female topics.  Immaturity may induce school-girl giggles.

It’s almost been 3 weeks.

I’ve lost 20 lbs. already, which is probably mostly due to the constant bfeeding.  That, by the way, is going really well. I feel that the milk is satisfying Zi’s need most of the time, which is convenient, since I don’t have to feed with the bottle when I’m taking care of her. 

She’s a good eater. Very predictable and usually pretty on schedule; she gets hungry every 2 hours, sometimes 3, and late at night, she sometimes sleeps 4 hours then wakes up hungry.  She usually also gives us a head start and does the preliminary subtle cry to warn us before the full blown hunger-i’ve-given-you-ample-time-to-feed-me cry.

The bad news:
This is Perze’s last week of “Ba-bycation.”

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