Zi’s First Worship Service

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zi1stworshipservice Zi attended her first worship service today at SJBCI.  She was mentioned from the pulpit during the welcome and announcements, and after the service, everyone crowded to get a peek of our newest addition.  Of course, Em was protective enough to stay close to her baby sister, and sneaky enough to also get passing compliments and attention for being the older sister.  Nice one, Ate.

This just about marks another milestone we’ve had in this church and building.  First, it’s where Perze and I met, where we exchanged vows, where we dedicated our first daughter, and now, where we brought our second daughter.  God bless this church.  It was fitting that the message was about the church family.

I also can’t help it, but I always find myself taking very similar photo shots resembling Emma when she was Zi’s age.  The picture on the left was taken this afternoon at the church during service, very reminiscent of the one I took of Perze and Em during Em’s first visit.

Welcome Zi.  They are like a second family.  You’ll have many milestones with them, and they will see you go through them with smiles and glee.

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