first 7 days

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Day 1: Sunday
Happy Mother’s day!!  The hospital is in a buzz and I hear it every time my door opens, from all my nurses and doctors.  I’m stuck recovering in bed during Mother’s Day but getting to know Zienne overshadows any pain.  I only feel pain when I get up, and I’m still very bloated.  Had to take couple motrins.  We have tons of visitors today, my family (including Kris who came across from Cali), some friends from church, and Michelle & Mel.  It was definitely a busy day.  I was able to make web announcements for our family and friends.  I have to really thank my husband though who completely doted on me and all my needs. 

Day 2: Monday
Last day at the hospital.  Got to shower, get dressed, take care of concluding instructions for myself and Zi.  With great slight windy warm weather welcoming Zi outside, we were homeward bound, finally.  Thankful my parents stayed with us, cooking and taking care of Emma while I rested and was recovering.  Since I couldn’t walk around too much, Perze really took great care of Zi.  He did the same thing w/ Emma; he’s a wonderful husband and father.  Takes a while for me to get up because of some pain.  BF really hurts and M hasn’t come in.

Day 3: Tuesday
My parents left after we got back to Zi’s first doctor’s appointment.  Zi has slight bilirubin count of 13.7 so we’re asked to come back for the next day.  My pain when getting up still hasn’t completely subsided so I’m not as mobile.  We get a nice visit from one of our friends Jake who will soon be leaving again for Singapore.  By this time, I’m consulting one of the best BF moms out there- my sister, since M hasn’t come in yet and I’m getting discouraged.  We have to supplement with formula because her appetite is more than what I can produce.

Day 4: Wednesday
2nd doctor’s appointment and her bilirubin count has gone down to 13.6 so the doctor says it should progressively diminish on its own.  Next appointment is in a week.  My strength has significantly gone up, but I’m still taking tylenol twice a day.  Zi is eating a lot, more than I remember Emma doing so.  This means she’s also pooping that naughty bilirubin out too.  Best news, M finally came in, from all the painful persisting almost every 2-3 hours.  Thank you Lord.

Day 5: Thursday
We have overnight visitors from CT, Bernard (Em’s Ninong) and his wife Kynoch.  After much catching up, Perze and I continued to take turns staying up w/ Zi.  I even did some housework, although I know Dr. G specifically wrote against it on my discharge instructions.  M is coming in more and my pain has generally subsided.  Zi is either very sleepy or very awake.  Her Ate Emma isn’t too much of a problem, in fact, she is so loving, so understanding, and helpful.  I always explain to Zi that she is extremely lucky to have one of the best Ate’s in her court.

Day 6: Friday
B&K leave for DC.  Things are starting to normalize.  I can walk comfortably, get up with minimal pain, and can bend and get up w/o too much discomfort.  BF has also significantly gotten better and I can keep up with Zi’s appetite sometimes, although some times of the day, she is extremely hungry (g/t 3 ounces of milk).  Zi sleeps longer at specific times of the day, which allow Perze to get some sleep while I get to spend some time w/ Emma (who I find myself missing more and more now that Zi is here).  So Em and I went over some geography again and included the Virgin Islands to her knowledge since that’s where her Ninong will be moving this Aug. 

Day 7: Saturday
Zi is hours away from being a week old.  THANK YOU LORD, we survived the first week.  For those who have gone through having had a baby, you can smile along and exhale with us, knowing the sometimes painful struggle of the first week.  Maybe we’ll celebrate a little tonight for everyone to get a little pat on the back 🙂 …

Some day seven notes: Can get up without pain. Can walk without any discomfort.  Lost 14 lbs. after a week.  Appetite has normalized. Cravings have stopped, esp. soda and ice cream, and iced drinks.

We love you Zi. Welcome to our family.

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