may 9. happy birthday zienne noelle.

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I experienced mild contractions the night before, thinking they were mere Braxton Hicks, so I went to sleep, only to wake up to my water breaking.  I woke up Perze, who quickly acted, worried we wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time.  Usually, I’m the one to calm him down, and we were able to get Em ready, call my OB, pack the last minute items, contact my family, and get to the hospital.

Perze initially called my OB, who wasn’t familiar with Perze’s voice, so once I got on the phone with him, his positive jolly attitude made me a little more comfortable not to panic.  He said the baby was right on time for mother’s day…and he was right.  His ending conversation went something like “Ok. I’ll meet you at the hospital and let’s have a baby.  What a great present for mother’s day.”  I laughed because he sounded like we were going to six flags to have a grand day.

Weeks ago, we had hoped Baby Z would come out sooner, almost losing hope that Z would come out before the due date.  But looking retrospectively, I couldn’t think of a better day to have had her.  She was THE MOST precious gift I’ve ever received for mother’s day.

Latent Phase
She waited 12 hours to come out around 8pm.  After hours of ice chips, uncomfortable turning, and several nurses checking up on me, the doctor came in to check the progression and said, “Ok! We’re going to have a baby!”

Despite having already experienced childbirth, I was still nervous, and expected massive pain.  But for some reason, I was so much more aware and in control during this labor, having been coached by the nurse and Dr.G’s persistence to add more pushes to the set…hahah.  Perze’s counting was also much better this time around, assuring me that the baby was in fact cancelling rent in my uterus.

I’m also very thankful that there were only 4 people in the room this time, unlike my labor w/ Emma, which allowed students to experience one of the most traumatizing milestones in a woman’s life.

Active Labor
So active labor only lasted around 10-12 mins.  Then as fast as I could recount, I heard Dr.G happily say “IT’S A GIRL!”  Amidst my thoughts of finally drinking water, was my deep surprise that Zias was Zienne! hahahaha…she really fooled all of us, esp. me!!  Zias will just have to wait 😉 .

Perze and I, without even having to discuss it, instantly agreed on one thing upon seeing Zienne- she undoubtedly looked like Emma when Em first came out, only rounder in the face.  It was like seeing my beloved baby Emma all over again, same features and idiosyncrasies. I had to keep reminding myself, amidst the sentiment, that she was Zi.  The doctor placed her on my stomach, so this time, I was the first to hold her 6 lbs. body.  I quickly glanced at Perze who was as happy as when Emma was born…so amazed, swelling with pride and complete joy.

Post labor
After my fatcat (courtesy Ngs), my family got to visit.  Rabs, Jake, Wendell, Michelle, and Melody sweetly visited us as well.  Sunday was quite a busy day with visitors coming in and out, along with the staff and my doctors wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day.  It was definitely a memorable and meaningful mother’s day, that God had given us a beautiful healthy daughter and myself a safe labor.  I also really need to be thankful for giving birth at Princeton Hospital, where it felt like I was the only patient there, where the staff was friendly, informative, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.  And seeing as this might not be our last pregnancy, I’m really happy to have met a lasting OB who I feel comfortable with and trust.

There’s a lot to say about May 9th, but it’ll have to wait. I’ll just post short moments here and there for the memories.  I feel like I should remind my future self about days like these…so I remember even specific details…water breaking, contractions, pain, process, and the elation of knowing life was given through you.

Thank you Lord for watching over us.  May Zi’s life give you glory.

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