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May is finally here, hopefully a little sunnier than April, although its commencement seems dreary and a wee chilly.

But before we move into May, just wanted to post some April notes.

East to West:
3117_71022961025_718606025_1698652_3653489_nLike, our annual  Easter Cantata.  I chose a contemporary moderately difficult piece called “East to West” – a worship filled concert with songs written by today’s greatest artists, including Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Steve Fee..etc.  I have to personally say that these songs were beautiful and powerful, and I really thank the choir for persevering through the timing, the quick paced songs, and my persistence to make it what it can be.  I also really thank God for sustaining me throughout my last months of pregnancy, throughout the hours of practice and hard work.  I was really blessed to have seen so many guests attend, who outnumbered the attendance of SJBCI members who came. =)  It was an answered prayer; I love that.

Egg Hunt:
2009april13 268 There’s behbeh Sephin, Ate Em, and Hongs, all appropriately dressed for the chilly egg hunt.  This was their first “independent” hunt where they had to search for the eggs themselves without any physical leading.  Em was looking forward to this the whole week.  Even in Sunday School class that day, after having been asked why Jesus died on Easter, she raised her hand and confidently replied, “for the Easter egg hunt.” 

She ran like a rabbit, here and there searching for eggs, and Hongs was a little more “urged” because of his hesitance. But in the end, wouldn’t you know it, they both ended up with the same number of eggs…hahahaha.  It’s not communism, people; it’s more like saving the drama.

Next year, it’ll be even more fun.

** All pictures for these two albums are available in our Twelvesixteen Gallery for those who are interested.

OK, may, we’re ready for ya…esp. Z.  We can’t wait to meet you, mahal.

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