appointment 11? lost count…

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If I lost count, that means, it’s time to get the baby out already…hahah

They call these last two weeks the waiting game, but it’s hardly some fun game for me…you can hardly compare it to connect four.  Each night, it’s getting harder to sleep because of my back and pelvis.  Additionally, my tummy’s been itching because I don’t think it can stretch anymore.

Ok…so the 11th appointment…I really like the people in the office; the nurses are garrulously nice, both to Em and me.  I’ve reached 30 lbs. and everything looks great with Z.  Doctor G. says it can be any day really…so later on, I’m going to have a talk with the little guy to try to convince Z to coming out tomorrow. That’s right, I said it…May 1 is fine ;), just as we wanted.

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