the day the earth stood still

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Wow, this was an annoying movie. And it wasn’t even about high school teeny boppers acting like they’re in their late twenties who have no curfew, dancing and singing during gym class.

The acting was horrible and completely stale. The premise didn’t even make sense because a whole human race would have been wiped out if not for a single dialogue with the microbiologist. I would have imagined a master intelligence species could find a way to reach humanity and its leadership some other way than sending one "man" to make one personal encounter with a woman who is forced to become the ambassador for global change. That’s a lot of pressure. She can’t even handle her annoying "son."

A lot of it just didn’t make sense…except the mechanic locust plague. That was a good touch.

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