Death Note 2

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Desu nôto 2 (Death Note: The Last Name)

Desu nôto 2 (Death Note: The Last Name)

Let me start by mentioning that I haven’t seen Part 1. With that said, watching the sequel made it a little slower to understand, since reading all the rules in the beginning of the movie were a little overwhelming.

Basically, it’s almost a death game, with death gods assigned to whoever carries the Death Note-book. The main character, Light, is the infamous Kira who kills for justice, but is the main target for the police, particularly "L", who is a teenage detective, who is set on proving that Light is "Kira."

Have I lost you?

Anyway, with that said, it really was a cat and mouse game, with the death gods being traded here and there, people transferring the Death Note, different motives, and a sub-agenda of romance, friendship, and social responsibility. I actually was drawn into the movie after 20 mins. of head scratching…and wanted eagerly to finish the movie.

Then came the disappointments. One being the ending…which was like eating a tuna sandwich from a school cafeteria (I don’t even like tuna). And two- the hokey 3D computer generated death gods.

But the characters were pretty varied, unique, and enjoyable.

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